Crown Resorts Sells Vegas Lot to Wynn Resorts

It was announced on Monday that Crown Resorts completed the sale of its subsidiary Alon Las Vegas Resorts to Wynn Resorts for approx. $300 million. The sale is the latest development of reported disinvestments undertaken by Crown Resorts over the past year, with the aim of re-evaluating its business interests.
The company originally planned to develop the land into an Alon hotel and casino, and will be using the proceeds of the sale to pay off company debt. The decision comes on the heels of a series of arrests in 2016 where a group of Crown employees promoted gambling to Chinese citizens and the company decided to reevaluate plans for international expansion.
This is the company’s second attempt to establish a casino in Las Vegas, but backed out of a 2009 deal due to the unfavourable economic climate. They were forced to pay a breakup fee of $320 million with it’s then partner Cannery Casino Resorts.
With the focus now off international development, Crown is setting its sights on it’s local resorts in Melbourne and Perth, and plans to build a new casino resort in Barangaroo, Sydney are also in the works.

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