Powering Innovation Beyond The Silicon Level For Interactive Experiences in Retail and Hospitality

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Powering Innovation Beyond The Silicon Level For Interactive Experiences in Retail and Hospitality

The modern consumer is one that no longer views interaction and engagement as a luxury – it’s now an expectation for doing business with an organization, particularly in retail and hospitality.

Consumers are looking for elevated engagement and end-to-end, holistic experiences, and that means, for those retailers and hospitality organizations, turning to visual and interactive experiences.

On this episode of To the Edge and Beyond, brought to you by Intel’s Internet of Things Group, host Daniel Litwin was joined by IoT Group Technical Lead Ben Cope and Technical Lead, Multimodal Analytics Sangeeta Ghangam. The trio tackled the challenges facing these industries in conducting those now-critical digital transformations – and what Intel and the IoT Group are doing to help.


“Digitization has multiple trends in the different verticals that Intel IoT serves,” Cope said. “There’s one direction of increasing operational efficiency, and another angle is the ‘wow’ factor and the experiential [aspect of a business].”

Operational efficiency goals can be met with solutions like self-service kiosks and other solutions that free up staff members to play other roles, while the experiential side requires more impactful solutions, such as large LED video walls or interactive smart mirrors in retail fitting rooms.

Intel’s solutions are designed to help organizations engage with these solutions and with the multimodal aspect of today’s holistic technology suites.

“The multimodality of that digital aspect is becoming more and more prominent, now,” Ghangam said. “The expectation is that the interaction has to be done in more than one way, which leads to a type of processing that has to comprehend the different data sources.”

Learn more about how Intel is working to guide hospitality and retail organizations through their digital transformations by connecting with Cope and Ghangam on LinkedIn.

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