Samsung Revenue Gateway Plus Software Defined Networking Translates to Superior Guest Experiences

For enterprises operating within the hospitality space, offering Wi-Fi connectivity is absolutely essential to providing a great guest experience. But getting customers connected can be a bit trickier than simply setting up a wireless router. With so many people operating on the same network, there are security considerations to take into account. Also, some guests may not feel confident using certain devices, such as casting devices, on a traditional network for fear of having their activity visible to others.


The Samsung Revenue Gateway (SRG) is the solution. The SRG places hotels guests in their own secured bubble when they join a guest network. This bubble travels with them as they move throughout a property. Since each of their devices is contained (or restricted) within their own virtual bubble, guests can easily use their smartphone or tablet to access files from a laptop in their hotel room while catching some rays at the onsite pool or while having a cocktail in the lounge. These mini personal area networks (PANs) are created via Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN allows equipment within an IT infrastructure to interact with each other—a valuable and tremendously beneficial solution for organizations in the hospitality space.


One of the main benefits of SDN is that it eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices in order to set up a robust, seamless, and secure guest network. Without it, organizations are faced with implementing several different solutions, and must employ an IT engineer that can integrate the pieces together and configure changes on a recurring basis. An SDN is a comprehensive and streamlined solution that doesn’t require adding an expensive IT professional to the company payroll.


With an SDN, not only can guests be supplied with secured PANs to roam, but hotels can also establish a Wi-Fi experience that is defined around loyalty club status. For guests that aren’t already a member of a hotel’s loyalty club or maybe staying at the property for the first time, hotels can offer limited free Wi-Fi with the option to pay for faster speeds or longer durations. But a valued hotel guest who has reached the loyalty program’s gold tier level could simply log on to the network and be presented with an entirely different landing page or captive portal that notifies them of their upgraded premium Wi-Fi service status in appreciation for their continued and loyal patronage.


Another advantage of an SDN is the ability to “quarantine” an infected guest device. With Samsung’s RxG All-In-One router at the heart of a network, hospitality businesses eliminate the risks of accidental, or even intentional, viruses spreading to either the property’s or other guest devices. If the router detects the presence of malware, it quarantines the device and alerts that guest by directing them to a landing page explaining the issue. This solution also keeps the infected device from using superfluous bandwidth, warranting better network access for other guests.


Ensure enjoyable and complication-free visits by keeping guests securely connected. Software Defined Networking allows seamless communication between IT equipment, facilitating superior Wi-Fi guest experiences. Visit Samsung online to learn more about their hospitality solutions.


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