The Digital Desk

May 17, 2023
irfan ullah

At Hyosung Innovue, our goal is to enhance the way consumers interact with their bank. With our latest banking innovation, allow customers to seamlessly and conveniently connect to a banker to fulfill all their financial needs. Elevate your banking experience with the Digital Desk!

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Tango spans banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, hospitality and healthcare to create convenience and keep people on the go. Tango goes with the flow to make day-to-day moments a delight.

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Hyosung is excited to announce (BlueVerse) a new cannabis cash management solution designed specifically to help reduce labor challenges and revolutionize cash management in the dispensary. The industry’s first next-generation back-office management software that pairs the newest cash automation hardware technology with software designed for the cannabis dispensary.

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One of the more time consuming tasks given to bank branch staff is the handling of cash. But with Hyosung Innovue’s unique secure cash transfer solution, branch employees can safely and effortlessly count, move, and store cash without ever opening a safe. Watch the video below to learn how this unique innovation can improve branch…