5 Trends Making News At IWCE 2019

What makes a conference like IWCE is the diversity of industries represented. Connectivity is truly a transcendent technology that will continue to streamline processes, make business more efficient and bring people closer together.

This year, several themes became evident as emergent.



With 5G implementation coming to the public soon there is great debate about its impact among business leaders and end-users in general. Those who work in the software and technology industry are aware of the disruptive nature 5G possesses and must educate the public of its benefits in order to deliver on its high potential.

Training in the industry is also something IWCE attendees said needs to improve so that the workforce can continue to stay well-informed to a rapidly changing field.


Airplane safety has always been top of mind in the aviation industry but with more wireless communication and technological aspects comes new security challenges. At IWCE, discussions among aviation experts on hacker prevention were prominent.

Building Restoration


Today’s buildings are built with evolution in mind. However, structures built before the days of wireless communication must be retrofitted to accommodate modern communication practices and technologies. This is an ongoing challenge in these industries and for building managers who are expected to give tenants modern accessories while not stripping a building of its character.

Disaster Preparedness

When communities are hit by natural disasters, communication is vital to recovery efforts. Without communication infrastructure that can withstand severe weather, there can be no organized plan to rescue those trapped in dangerous areas. Making sure vulnerable areas have access to modern communications systems is of critical importance.

Smart City Infrastructure

From autonomous vehicles to cybersecurity, smart cities will be extremely revolutionary while at the same time tremendously delicate. Making sure every piece of these connected webs works in sync is essential to a functioning smart city and over the course of 21 sessions, there were plenty of areas to engage in.

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