50th Anniversary: Remembering Our Past and Looking Towards the Future

March 24, 2023


Red Lion Controls celebrates its 50th Anniversary, displaying resilience and adaptability in an ever-changing industrial landscape. Key employees like Morgan Aldinger and Jim Stover have shaped Red Lion’s success, with dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions. This milestone serves as a testament to collective efforts and a strong work ethic that propelled remarkable growth.

Former and current employees share vivid memories, illustrating the vibrant Red Lion culture. Prioritizing data access, connection, and visualization, Red Lion consistently responds to a data-driven world, introducing innovative products for informed decisions and sustainable growth.

Looking ahead, Red Lion is poised to continue its legacy of excellence and industry leadership. Their commitment to adaptability and innovation positions them for sustained growth as the market evolves. Leveraging the power of data and their team’s expertise, Red Lion is well-equipped to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

We congratulate Red Lion and all team members, past and present, for their dedication, adaptability, and customer focus that drove growth and industry leadership. With a strong culture and passionate team, Red Lion embarks on the next 50 years, committed to providing exceptional solutions across industries.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Red Lion!

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