Bringing Professional Cycling to Web3 with Road Code

February 21, 2023

While the COVID-19 lockdowns around the world led to a cycling boom at home, in the competitive cycling industry, popularity for cycling and fan growth is growing. But often, fans of the industry don’t know how or where to turn to for competitive event results, meaning that even if fans wanted to build their own fantasy team of cyclists, they would be hard-pressed to find the stats. But what if there was an app that could change all this?

On this episode of Gossip About Gossip, host Zenobia Godschalk sat down to talk with Philip Mostert, CMO of Road Code, to talk about Road Code, a new application going live on the Hedera network, it’s for fans of the fast-paced world of competitive pro-cycling, a unique and exciting area and opportunity for those in the know and new fans just getting into it. Godschalk and Mostert discuss…

  • How Road Code works as a new application for tracking pro-cyclists
  • What Road Code is doing differently to stream content and interact with cyclists
  • Why the ranking system will track individual riders instead of just the teams who are winning

“So right now if you’re following cycling, you have to go to different sources to basically get into the know, and you have to follow and subscribe to a different number of forums,” said Mostert, “What Road Code does is aggregate this all into a single platform.”

Mostert has over a decade of experience working to build a more connected world. Prior to his role with Immortal/Road Code, Mostert was the CMO for SpaceSeven and RedFox Labs and held leadership roles within True Digital Group. He received his Bachelor’s degree and post-graduate from the University of Cape Town.

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