Enhancing In-Flight Communication

January 1, 2023

Hear a recent passenger describe their experience using various online platforms during a flight. From using Facebook, watching videos on YouTube and LinkedIn, briefly accessing Hulu, to making a FaceTime call with their son, they emphasize the importance of speed and low latency in their online activities. They find the ability to stay connected with SmartSky and productive while in the air particularly intriguing, as it enables business jet travelers to engage in meetings, phone calls, and other tasks while sharing information with individuals on the ground. This capability is a game changer.

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edge computing technologies
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Recent advancements are demonstrating profound impacts on urban resilience and disaster management in the evolving landscape of smart city technologies. Among these, Virginia Beach’s flood resiliency program, an IDC Smart Cities North America Award winner, utilizes innovative edge computing technologies to manage flood risks effectively. This project is a prime example of how edge…

smart technologies
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As cities across North America embrace smart technologies to improve urban living, standout initiatives like Virginia Beach’s flood resiliency program, highlighted in the recent IDC Smart Cities North America Awards, demonstrate the critical role of edge computing in environmental monitoring and disaster management. These technologies not only bolster emergency responses but also seamlessly integrate…

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In remote and disaster-prone areas, the rapid deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) has opened new vistas for emergency management and community safety in smart cities. These leading IoT deployments, highlighted at the recent announcement of the IDC Smart Cities Awards winners, solidified the role that edge computing…