There has been plenty of buzz around the possibilities that 5G will bring to society. Steadily, new markets around the United States have tested the next generation of cellular network technology, but there is far more to come than faster cell phone service.

PC Mag Lead Analyst Sascha Segan has traveled the country testing the strength and reliability of telecom giants’ 5G networks, most recently Sprint’s in Dallas.

Segan said several industries will operate differently due to the speed 5G brings to business technologies.

“There are a couple of different aspects of 5G which can sometimes get lost in some of the hype, and the most obvious one is greater speed, greater bandwidth,” Segan said. “You can talk about that as enabling a lot of remote presence capabilities, for instance a lot more remote-presence robots in offices and warehouses, remote medicine and surgery, long distance remote education, all enabled through faster, better-guaranteed bandwidth.”

While the broad impact of 5G might not be felt nationwide until 2021 or 2022, certain regions of the U.S. are already seeing what the future might bring, and businesses are preemptively planning for what their industry might look like in a few short years.

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