Introducing Ribbon’s Tactical Edge Communications Solution

In a military setting, tactical edge means the last mile of a battlefield environment. And it’s no secret that Ribbon Communications’ latest solution is a perfect system for the military in those critical environments where reliable communications are not easy to deploy.

Greg Zweig, Ribbon’s Director of Solutions Marketing, talked through this exciting new offering from Ribbon and several use cases for its deployment.

While military settings are a perfect use case for Ribbon’s Tactical Edge communications system, any dynamic environment will benefit.

“It could be something like a natural disaster, which, here in the United States, we might think of someone like a FEMA deploying,” Zweig said. “And it could be something like a sports event where suddenly thousands of people are going to be coming to a large event where I need to be able to manage communications across a site for a large number of people.”

Ribbon’s products, designed with security in mind, are JITC-Certified.

“This is the highest standard that the US Department of defense requires,” Zweig said. They are also FIPS compliant, which is a five-star level of advanced encryption security.

With adaptability and flexibility of the environment and situation in mind, Ribbon’s Tactical Edge software is versatile in its deployment.

“It can scale up so it can be used in a large physical building with hundreds or thousands of users, but it will also scale down to just a few virtual machines,” Zweig said. “So that means it can actually run on something like a backpack or could easily be deployed in a tent.”

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