Introducing The Pathfinder – A Complete, Automated and Affordable Flexible Powder Finishing System

Finishing a surface adds value to products, enhancing both aesthetic appearance and component performance. But perhaps the most vital role of a finish is protection. The IEEE estimates that corrosion or structural breakage costs over $100 billion annually in product loss. A great finish provides an effective shield that combats the effects of deterioration-causing elements and damage.

Hello, Pathfinder!

For custom coaters using older, outdated systems whose operations could be improved via automated finishing processes, or OEM’s whose systems are reaching the end of their useful lives, or even those who’ve grown frustrated with their current system’s lack of flexibility in finishing parts outside their original system design specifications—we are introducing the Pathfinder from IntelliFinishing! The Pathfinder is a full powder coating niche system specifically fabricated with a small footprint, offering superior, powerful, and flexible finishing at a $1.5 million price point.

A Full Finishing System in A Compact Design 

While small in configuration, the Pathfinder is uncompromising, providing robust automation in a complete finishing system designed to fit within 110’ x 80’ or 8,800 square feet of real estate. The Pathfinder features multiple load and unload stations, a 3-stage wash, an 8’L x 4’H x 3’W designed part window that holds up to 800 lbs., and a dual-lane cure oven that enables faster curing parts to move past slower curing items, generating better quality while increasing total throughput. Able to handle many finishing operations, the Pathfinder’s dimensions allow ample room to hang multiple parts per carrier, from large chassis to small widgets and from thin sheet metal parts to extra thick weldments.

Advanced Next-Generation Technology 

Developed to optimize processes and maximize part processing flexibility, the Pathfinder features complete automation recipe-based process control per carrier and a recipe-driven HMI operational system that links the individual sections and process equipment into a single system. Unlike competing monorail or power & free systems that rely on chain carriers, IntelliFinishing uses a friction-driven tube conveyor, that along with sophisticated recipe control software, can stop, index, reverse direction, oscillate, slow down, and speed up – providing ultimate processing flexibility as well as modular scalability for future changes.

Engineered for Budget-Conscious Coaters

Outsourcing finishing work can be costly and can compromise quality and delivery standards.  With the agility to adapt to the changes of your product finishing needs, the Pathfinder can finish a wide range of parts, allowing you to save time and resources by performing all powder finishing processes in-house. Designed to operate within a mere 8,800 square feet and starting at only $1.5 million*, the technologically advanced, flexible, cost-effective and compact Pathfinder is the complete, scalable automated finishing system that can expand with your business and take your coating processes to new standards of control, flexibility, throughput, and quality. Simply put, the Pathfinder is the answer to the question most frequently asked of IntelliFinishing: “How much would the smallest system I could purchase cost and how big a space would it require?

Want to see the Pathfinder in action? Visit our webpage for a demonstration video!

*Please be advised that as priced, the Pathfinder does not include the paint booth, but is compatible with all major booth suppliers. Custom changes based on parts requiring a larger or smaller part window, greater or lesser production volume, a different footprint, or different process requirements will be quoted as custom projects.


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