SmartSky Networks and GAT

January 1, 2023

Passengers recently had an unforgettable experience thanks to GAT and SmartSky Networks. The event showcased SmartSky’s groundbreaking in-flight internet connectivity network, leaving attendees amazed at its capabilities and potential impact on the aviation industry.

Participants boarded an aircraft equipped with SmartSky’s advanced connectivity solution and witnessed the seamless and lightning-fast internet connectivity firsthand. Even at high altitudes, passengers enjoyed quick web browsing, video streaming, and video conferencing, rivaling ground-based connections in terms of speed and reliability.

SmartSky representatives delivered on the innovative technology behind their network, including advanced beamforming techniques and a vast ground-based transceiver network. This infrastructure enables SmartSky to deliver high-speed connectivity across extensive airspace.

The aviation experience day sparked contemplation on the transformative power of in-flight internet connectivity. The future holds uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing productivity, communication, and entertainment during air travel.

SmartSky’s network has set a new standard in aviation. As the technology evolves and gains wider adoption, we can anticipate a revolution in air travel. The event provided a glimpse into this promising future, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the day when SmartSky’s network becomes a ubiquitous feature in aircraft worldwide.

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