Sustainable Digital Solutions: Unprecedented Collaboration Drives Success of Innovative Water-Based Data Center

January 24, 2024


The Stockton 1 Data Center, a pioneering project by Nautilus Data Technologies, marks a significant shift in the world of digital infrastructure. This facility, not just a marvel of modern technology with its proprietary water cooling system, also represents a stride towards environmental sustainability in an industry often criticized for its high energy consumption. The integration of environmental consciousness with technological advancement in data centers like Stockton 1 is a promising development in the quest for more sustainable digital solutions.

But amidst these advancements, a critical question arises: How does one balance the demands for high-speed connectivity and minimal environmental impact?

Ashley Sturm, the VP of Marketing at Nautilus and Bill Wilde, The Director of Sales and Engineering at Utility Telecom along with Matt Quillin, the Regional Sales Manager at Clearfield highlight the nuanced challenge and solution of delivering top-tier data center performance without compromising on environmental goals.

“All of the parties involved were very much willing to work together… we could come and bring a proven practical solution that’s more efficient, more sustainable, and will move the data center industry forward in the right direction,” Sturm said.

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