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Carlos Vargas, host of The Suite Spot, was joined with co-hosts Howard Holton and Paul Lewis in a discussion on business outcomes and capabilities.  Holton and Lewis shared their experiences and insights on how IT providers can be successful and why others struggle or fail.

Vargas kicked off the discussion with questions, “Outcomes versus capabilities: How does a leader see that?  What does that mean?”

Holton and Lewis explained that it is of foremost importance to start with the reasons why customers are looking for IT solutions.  “We are trying to solve a problem.”  They expand with examples that show that sometimes customers don’t fully understand the reasons how planning a robust solution requires a deep understanding of the root causes for the IT solution request in the first place.

Taking this approach enables the creation of a holistic solution that leads to a strong business relationship.  They identify that vendor selection is a pain-point for customers and can be extremely costly in both time and money.  As the hosts discuss, a cohesive IT solution leads to becoming the most trusted vendor that customers reach out to when looking to solve future problems.

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