Transforming the Way We Fly: Meandair’s Vision for the Future of Aviation

January 1, 2023

Meandair’s Turbulence4D provides precise weather and turbulence data, enhancing flight safety. Delivering these services to aircraft necessitates a robust network, which is where SmartSky Networks excels.

Clear air turbulence (CAT) is challenging to forecast due to its complex relationship with other weather phenomena. Meander acknowledges this difficulty and acknowledges the variations in CAT at different flight levels.

Through their partnership, Meandair utilizes SmartSky Networks’ advanced network infrastructure to seamlessly deliver real-time, calibrated data to pilots. By cross-referencing with IATA turbulence aware aircraft observations, Meander and SmartSky Networks provide pilots with accurate insights.

The vertical crosscut view of Turbulence4D allows pilots to analyze turbulence’s temporal evolution at different altitudes along the flight path. This situational awareness aids in making informed decisions and avoiding hazardous weather conditions.

SmartSky Networks ensures the highest data quality and relevance through their collaboration with Meandair. By calibrating information against real-world aircraft observations, they uphold accuracy and precision.

While pilots have the final say on turbulence response, Meander and SmartSky Networks equip them with unprecedented CAT details for proactive measures, improving flight safety.

SmartSky Networks’ dedication to seamless connectivity and collaboration with Meander advances aviation safety. Enabling direct delivery of services to aircraft, they equip pilots with essential tools to navigate challenging weather conditions. Together, they redefine the industry, enhancing safety, and ushering in a new era of aviation excellence.

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