The Enterprise Browser in Practice

February 14, 2023
irfan ullah


What is it actually like to test drive, deploy, manage, and use The Enterprise Browser inside your organization? Is it as painful as other security solutions? What will my users go through? How about my end users? Here’s the complete teardown, from POC to company-wide deployment.

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Why does The Enterprise Browser need to exist? What’s the problem with our current solutions? And how does this new approach to security and IT represent the future of work? An interview with Mike Fey, Co-Founder and CEO of Island, and Brian Kenyon, Chief Strategy Officer of Island. Hosted by Ari Yablok, Head of…

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Who’s using The Enterprise Browser today? Why did they choose it? What are they using it for? Watch Mike and Brian share customer conversations and interactions that paint the picture of what Island is like for customers right now.

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The browser wasn’t always at the center of the workplace. How did we get here? What were the key factors in this transformation? And what changes when the browser you use at work is actually designed for work?