Frick Screw Compressors Pt. 2

October 17, 2022
irfan ullah

Here, the focus is on screw compressors in refrigeration and the use of economizers and side loads to enhance energy efficiency. The advantages of screw compressors over reciprocating compressors are highlighted, particularly their ability to have a secondary suction port for drawing additional vapor. The economizer utilizes this port to sub-cool liquid going from the condenser to the evaporator, resulting in colder liquid for better efficiency.

Side loads involve feeding evaporated vapor from a secondary evaporator back to the economizer port. Learn the benefits of economizers in terms of improved refrigeration effect and efficiency gains, with specific examples and efficiency curves provided. The combination of economizers with variable frequency drives (VFDs) is also discussed as a means of achieving efficiency throughout the entire load range.

We conclude with information on economizer BI control, which adjusts the volume ratio for compressors with economizers, resulting in significant energy savings. An overview of Johnson Controls’ compressor packages, including standard models and those compatible with VFDs, is provided.

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Screw compressors are quite large and always a vibration signature on machines. It’s important to learn what we can from those signatures to know if maintenance is needed or if a machine needs some attention. Starting with the basics today and work up to a little more specific interpretation of screw compressor details.