Screw Assembly Line

June 16, 2020
irfan ullah

We’re here at the screw compressor assembly line where we assemble set one twenty up to set three fifty-five screw compressors.

The usage of VSD is to optimize the production but also to optimize the energy efficiency.

This reason, we have over the past decade developed our screw compressors to be more and more robust against vibrations, and they are today developed fully towards VSD Drive.

Our screw compressors can run from one thousand RPMs up to three thousand six hundred RPMs.

We have developed the design to absorb the vibrations that occur, meaning that the structure of the screw, couplings, etc… are optimized for VST regulation. We are always trying to find the best solution for our customers, offering three different service intervals fit all needs both from the contractor and the end customers.

We have the traditional service where we have an hourly counter in the Unesab.

We have a condition-based service where we’re depending on the temperatures and the speed of the motor, we extend the service intervals. And then, lastly, we have introduced the vibration monitoring system.

It’s a fully equipped system from our factory where the system monitors vibration on the bearings, both on the compressor, but also as an option on the motor.

Using the zebra vibration monitoring system, we monitor the exact condition of the bearings both in the compressor, but also in the motor. Instead of changing the bearings after a certain amount of hours, do replace them when the wear occurs.

Having these new service concepts, we can optimize our solution for service to our customers securing the optimal run time at all time and also securing the optimal performance of our products.

Today, our entire screw compressor range is optimised for VSD. It optimised for the best possible services from us securing premium efficiency and premium robustness for our customers.

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