Hyperion: Pioneering Sensing Technology for Multifaceted Applications

July 28, 2023

Enter the realm of advanced sensing with Hyperion, Luna’s groundbreaking innovation that expands the horizons of precision measurement. This revolutionary technology enables you to harness the power of fiber optics to integrate multiple sensors onto a single cable, transforming the landscape of strain, temperature, pressure, acceleration, tilt, and vibration measurements.

Hyperion’s unique prowess lies in its ability to integrate an array of sensors onto a single fiber, creating a sensor ecosystem that can span vast distances. Equipped with immune-to-EMI sensors, Hyperion defies the limitations of traditional sensors, rendering them ineffective in high electric field environments. This pioneering feature is poised to revolutionize industries requiring long-range monitoring and precision measurements, enabling accurate data collection even in challenging conditions.

For instance, Hyperion opens the door to cutting-edge applications such as temperature sensing on silicon wafers. Traditional thermocouples pale in comparison to Hyperion’s capabilities, as it allows for cleaner and more comprehensive measurements. The ability to integrate multiple sensors on a single fiber, through advanced coupling techniques, ensures unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

Hyperion’s intuitive software, acts as a control center, offering real-time insights into the measurements. With the software’s customizable features, users can delve into data analysis, sensor calibration, and waveform visualization. Enlight not only streamlines data collection but also empowers users to transform raw data into actionable insights.

Hyperion’s applications extend beyond mere measurement. Its usage in security and structural health monitoring is revolutionizing industries, providing unparalleled sensitivity in detecting vibrations, tilt, and other minute shifts. The ability to differentiate between mechanical strain and thermal strain through temperature-compensated strain gauges sets Hyperion apart as a holistic sensing solution.

Hyperion’s wavelength range outshines its counterparts, accommodating a vast number of sensors per channel and system. With Hyperion Sixteen, a fully loaded system can accommodate over a thousand sensors, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in precision sensing.

In essence, Hyperion stands as a testament to Luna’s commitment to innovation, bringing forth a new era of sensing possibilities. Its fusion of cutting-edge technology, software prowess, and adaptability positions it at the forefront of transformative solutions. As industries seek to unlock new dimensions of data accuracy, Hyperion emerges as the cornerstone of precision sensing, revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with our world.

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