OBR: Back Scatter Refractometer- Exploring Optical Insights

July 24, 2023

Enter the realm of advanced optical analysis with Luna’s OBR 4600 Refractometer—a technological marvel poised to revolutionize how we perceive and understand light interactions within fiber networks. Much like its predecessors, the OBR 4600 opens a gateway to unraveling intricate details through backscattered light, yet it comes with a novel twist—availability in C and L bands as well as the O band configuration, broadening the horizon of optical exploration beyond previous limits.

The OBR 4600 extends the scope of its predecessors by offering a rich array of capabilities. It empowers users to visualize backscattered light’s behavior in relation to delay—a fundamental feature enabling a deep dive into the intricate world of optical phenomena. With the ability to zoom into the scatter versus delay plot, users can define specific lengths for analysis, revealing the scatter patterns within the optical fiber.

A key highlight of the OBR 4600 lies in its capability to not only capture the backscattered light but also to discern minute reflections and interactions within the optical network. By connecting to different components of the fiber network, Luna showcases its potential to reveal the reflections from dust caps, fiber jumpers, optical switches, circulators, and more. The OBR 4600’s unique spatial resolution feature enables users to closely examine reflections at micrometer-level accuracy, offering insights into the behavior of optical components.

An intriguing facet of the OBR 4600 is its ability to switch between the delay and spectral domains, offering a comprehensive view of optical interactions. By utilizing spectral content analysis, users can dissect the reflections’ frequency characteristics, gaining a multi-dimensional understanding of the optical phenomena. This versatile capability extends to A-B comparison analysis, facilitating direct comparison between measurements to identify changes, deviations, or inconsistencies.

The OBR 4600’s user-friendly interface is packed with configurable settings, offering users the freedom to tailor their analysis to specific requirements. It allows adjustments in distance ranges, data decimation, scaling, and integration areas. The inclusion of spot scanning and fast scanning modes accommodates varying measurement needs, from detailed analyses to rapid assessments.

Luna’s OBR 4600 is an embodiment of precision and innovation, transcending the boundaries of optical analysis. Its ability to unravel complexities, reveal hidden interactions, and provide multifaceted insights into fiber networks positions it as an indispensable tool for researchers, engineers, and professionals delving into the intricacies of optical systems. As the industry evolves, the OBR 4600 stands as a testament to Luna’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of optical exploration, enabling us to see light in ways never imagined before.

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