ODiSI: A Revolution in Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogation

July 25, 2023

Luna’s ODiSI product introduces an era of optical distributed sensor interrogation, offering unprecedented capabilities in high-definition continuous measurement of strain and temperature on fiber sensors. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, the ODiSI provides real-time insights into the structural health and environmental conditions of diverse applications.

Upon launching the software, users are greeted with a comprehensive interface that showcases the system’s status and connected channels. The system’s ability to identify and analyze connected sensors in real time is a standout feature. This enables quick and accurate assessment of sensor status, facilitating effective decision-making.

One of ODiSI’s remarkable qualities is its fine-tuned measurement capabilities. The system’s prowess in capturing minute details is exemplified by its ability to visualize temperature and strain with point-six millimeter resolution, equivalent to a hair’s width. This high precision empowers users to discern temperature fluctuations and strain patterns along the length of the fiber, enabling in-depth analysis and detection of anomalies.

The ODISI’s application versatility is evident in its proficiency with strain sensors, which offer critical insights into structural integrity. Luna’s demonstration of a compromised structural beam with strategically positioned holes highlights the system’s potential to pinpoint strain concentrations, contributing significantly to structural health monitoring and intricate geometry identification.

The ODiSI features an innovative element called “touch to locate.” This functionality enables users to precisely identify specific points of interest on the sensor. By detecting interactions such as fiber compression, the system correlates these touchpoints with corresponding locations on the sensor. This unique capability enhances precision and provides a deeper understanding of sensor behavior.

The ODiSi’s multi-channel capabilities are also a standout attribute, accommodating up to eight channels for simultaneous monitoring. Users can observe data from multiple sensors concurrently, enhancing efficiency and streamlining data analysis. The system’s visualization of gauge data over time parallels established measurement techniques like fiber string gauges, thermocouples, and foil string gauges, enriching the monitoring experience.

Luna’s ODiSI has set a new standard for distributed sensor interrogation, merging cutting-edge technology with user-friendly functionality. Its potential to revolutionize industries by providing accurate, real-time insights into structural integrity, environmental conditions, and performance metrics positions it as a transformative solution in the field of sensor monitoring and analysis.

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