Learn from Experiences in Other Industries

June 11, 2020
Jesse Cole

Cole and the Bananas’ team are constantly looking elsewhere. If you ask Cole who the organization’s competitors are, he won’t tell you the rest of the teams in the Coastal Plain League. He’ll rattle off the likes of Google, Amazon and Starbucks, because he’s not putting on a baseball game – he’s putting on an experience. From resort-inspired cooling towels handed out to fans, “parking penguins” passing out popsicles and more, the Bananas’ “culture of ideas” draws from anywhere inspiration can be found.

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Focus on the Customer
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In a compelling narrative by Jesse Cole, the Savannah Bananas, a baseball team known for its unconventional approach, has declared advertising dead. Cole emphatically asserts that while advertising may attract customers, it is the fan experience that fosters lasting loyalty. In a bold move, the Savannah Bananas have eliminated all forms of advertising at…

brand differentiation
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In a compelling dialogue centered on brand differentiation, Jesse Cole of the Savannah Bananas underscored the pivotal shift from being merely better to becoming distinctly unique in one’s industry. He introduced an insightful framework called “ONLY,” which stands for Owning the industry’s problems, creating Noise, cultivating Love, and understanding your Why. Owning the Problems:…

employee engagement
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Jesse Cole, the visionary behind the Savannah Bananas, shared the innovative approach his company takes to ensure a captivating customer experience by first focusing on employee engagement. According to Cole, the journey starts from the very first interaction with potential employees. The hiring process at Savannah Bananas consists of three unique steps designed to…