What Do You Want to Be Known For?

June 11, 2020
Jesse Cole

Think about what you want to be known for and what you’re known for now. Do they align? It’s time to consider every interaction and touchpoint and craft a Perfect Fan Testimonial. Figure out what business you’re really in. If you could have one review perfectly sum up what you want your fans to feel, what would it say?

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In this captivating episode of the Fans First series, Jesse Cole, the mastermind behind the Savannah Bananas, delves into the transformative business philosophy of “listen carefully, respond creatively.” This approach has not only skyrocketed the Savannah Bananas to fame but also serves as a universal blueprint for revolutionizing customer service and engagement across all sectors. […]

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The Savannah Bananas are a baseball team – but owner Jesse Cole knows they aren’t in the baseball industry. They’re in the Fans First Experience industry. The game of baseball comes with a slew of challenges – it’s too slow, or too boring, or too long, or too antiquated. But, instead of seeing friction, Cole […]

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A lifelong baseball fan, Jesse Cole has seen it all. From potential big-league dreams to a journey toward finding how best to engage with the game after his career came to a close, Cole eventually landed an internship with a small team in South Carolina. Since, he’s held key roles in several organizations and innovated […]