Empowering Sales Teams: Axio 360 and its Unique Perspective on Cybersecurity

May 31, 2023

Britney Bohas, the Director of Alliance at Axio, addressed the sales team with an informative and engaging discussion about the Axio 360 product and its capabilities. Her insights and guidance shed light on the importance of tailoring pitches and demos to address the specific pain points and roles of potential customers. With a focus on effective communication and understanding, Axio empowers sales teams to drive success by offering a unique perspective on cybersecurity concerns and expressing them in financial terms.

Bohas emphasized the significance of considering the audience when delivering an elevator pitch. By understanding the role and responsibilities of the person they are engaging with, sales professionals can adapt their pitch to suit the individual’s needs. For security leaders, the Axio 360 SaaS solution offers a dynamic, living-breathing assessment that moves beyond traditional point-in-time, excel-based spreadsheets. By leveraging a standardized framework within the platform, security leaders can gain a comprehensive view of their program’s historical progression, current status, and future aspirations over the next eighteen to thirty-six months. Additionally, Axio 360 helps identify gaps and strengths in the program, enabling the creation of unique cyber event scenarios backed by defensible financials. This capability not only validates controls or project spends but also facilitates buy-in from executive colleagues and provides comprehensive reporting for meetings with top-level decision-makers.

When engaging with CFOs or executives with less technical comprehension, the pitch focuses on using Axio 360 as a tool to facilitate open communication about cybersecurity concerns in financial terms. The platform allows for tracking improvements made by the security team over time and precise budgeting. Particularly for executives and board members concerned about the potential impact of ransomware events, Axio 360 can express the risk in tangible financial terms and propose tools or projects that deliver the most effective risk reduction. The platform also extends its assessment to insurance investments, ensuring that coverage aligns with the organization’s risk profile across various policies.

Bohas highlighted the importance of addressing the pain points of the audience in every pitch or demo, emphasizing that a one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable. Each sales professional is encouraged to develop their own pitch style, and Axio is committed to supporting them by providing sales training and enablement resources on their online training portal. This initiative aims to equip the sales team with the tools and knowledge necessary to engage in meaningful conversations and optimize their sales strategies.

To explore more insights and discussions on sales strategies and cybersecurity, tune in to the Pinnacle channel. Additionally, for information on Axio 360 and its capabilities, visit Pinnacle’s website.

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