Employee Spotlight: Rick Sparkman

January 27, 2023
irfan ullah


We’re excited to introduce Rick Sparkman, the Senior Director of Data Center Engineering at Aligned. Rick’s passion for engineering dates back to his high school days when he focused on electrical engineering, particularly in the field of power. After internships during college, he embarked on a 12-year career at Sage-Tulum Hill, where he specialized in mission-critical engineering.

Rick’s journey brought him to Aligned while working at a consulting firm, where he designed projects for Aligned’s ORD01 facility. Impressed by the caliber of people and the challenging projects at Aligned, Rick made the decision to join the company. As a leader, Rick takes pride in successfully guiding teams, fostering company and individual growth. He believes continuous self-improvement and process refinement are key to achieving success in the industry.

On a lighter note, Rick’s advice to himself would be not to worry too much about his hair. Professionally, he is enthusiastic about Aligned’s latest integration and the company’s expansion across the country. Personally, he looks forward to international travel, particularly exploring South America, meeting new people, and delving into different cultures to enrich their engineering knowledge.

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