Creating a Successful Wireless Strategy: Key Considerations for DAS and In-Building Wireless Systems

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah


In this podcast, the experts talk about the importance of developing a comprehensive wireless strategy before installing a DAS or in-building wireless system. Understanding the various applications for the system and the types of facilities across an organization are key. When it comes to working with carriers, it’s important to defer to your integrator and have a benchmark assessment early on to determine which carriers need coverage enhancements. To avoid pitfalls in the process, it’s crucial to be proactive in planning, establish a budget early on, and be aware of how funding decisions impact control over the project. Customers should also consider whether they want to lead the project themselves or outsource it to a third-party operator or managed service provider.

Corning Technologies, a division of Corning Incorporated, focuses on developing and providing cutting-edge technology solutions across various industries. Leveraging their expertise in materials science and engineering, Corning Technologies pioneers advancements in areas such as telecommunications, display technologies, automotive, life sciences, and environmental technologies.

In the telecommunications sector, Corning Technologies specializes in optical communication solutions, including fiber optic cables, connectors, and components. Their innovations enable faster and more reliable data transmission, supporting the increasing demand for high-speed internet and communication networks.

In the display technologies arena, Corning Technologies is known for its Gorilla Glass, which offers exceptional strength and durability for smartphone, tablet, and television screens. They continue to push the boundaries of display technology by developing ultra-thin and flexible glass solutions.

Moreover, Corning Technologies contributes to the automotive industry through the development of advanced materials for emission control systems, lightweighting solutions, and augmented reality displays.

Across all sectors, Corning Technologies is dedicated to pushing the limits of what’s possible through continuous research, development, and collaboration, driving technological progress and shaping industries with their innovative solutions.

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