Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions with Mia Barb

February 7, 2023



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that six out of 10 adults have a chronic disease while four out of 10 have two or more. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is an increasingly important tool for seniors, their families, and healthcare providers. It allows seniors to maintain their independence and prolong their ability to live safely at home.

So how can this technology help seniors live well and age in place?

In today’s episode of Well Connected, Mia Barb, the Director of Vendor Management and Solution Development at Tripolo (now called Validic), discussed how RPM can help seniors age in place more comfortably with host Gabrielle Bejarano.

According to Barb, the best use case for aging-in-place technology is combining smart-connected healthcare with smart-connected homes. RPM provides a cost-effective solution for helping seniors maintain their wellness at home. Tripolo is a communication platform that offers tailored outreach and interventions specific to each patient’s needs. Tripolo’s approach gives patients choices on how and when they want to communicate with their providers.

In the new episode, Barb dives into:

  • The surprising ways tech tools like activity trackers and smartphones are shaping home healthcare.
  • How RPM has reshaped care delivery after COVID-19.
  • What these changes mean for healthcare access and independence for seniors.

Barb discusses the significant impact of remote patient monitoring (RPM) post-COVID-19 and how it has redefined quality care delivery. Discover how this shift is influencing healthcare accessibility and independence for seniors. Tune in to Podcast or Spotify to learn more about the potential of these emerging technologies and the future of senior healthcare.

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