Keeping Count: RFID’s Role in Supply Chain Management

June 8, 2023
irfan ullah

Remember the toilet paper scarcity? Yeah. That. What if we told you that could have been avoided or minimized? Herb Billings, VP of Technology Strategy at Datascan, dives into the effects radio frequency identification (RFID) has on the supply chain with host Tyler Kern.

RFID provides inventory record accuracy at affordable rates. Having this feature during the pandemic toilet paper fiasco would have helped companies prepare for the demand surge and plan accordingly. Supply chain are fragile, and it’s obvious that “big changes needed to happen,” according to Billings.

Retailers often prep safety stock, which drives up costs. Additionally, if the retailer did not order appropriately, they have extended times due to supply chain issues. During the pandemic, these issues affected products from bicycles to weight training equipment, and yes, toilet paper. When process can’t meet demand, how does one manage the supply chain?

That’s where RFID steps in. By providing confidence in logs and records, RFID helps retailers remain flexible and confident in their decisions.

RFID can be applied at the point of manufacture and utilized within inbound and outbound audits at the item level. Datascan is helping retailers avoid shortage scares ithrough their partnership with Frequentiel, Europe’s Premier RFID company.

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