The Trend of Large Retailers Implementing RFID Technology Store-Wide

June 8, 2023
irfan ullah

Join Datascan as we discuss how large scale retailers implementing RFID technology has impacted the retail industry as a whole, including small businesses.

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world. They’ve had a ton of success with their apparel.

Over eighty percent of their apparel is tagged with RFID, and Walmart has had so much success with this implementation that they are expanding by adding RIFD into other item categories, like sporting goods and electronics, and even toys..

Other types of retailers are also benefiting from this. When retailers mandate that their suppliers to tag at the source level for them, there becomes a certain threshold where the supplier starts to tag all goods for efficiency, and then experiences these benefits on their own supply chain. Other retailers who procure some of these goods from various suppliers are then able to leverage that in their own retail environment as well.

Datascan is the leading provider for innovative RFID technology in multiple industries. With Datascan’s innovative technology, you can spend less time tracking your inventory and more time serving customers and growing your business.

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