The Importance of Inventory Accuracy: Highlight 3

January 8, 2023
irfan ullah

Discover the profound impact of inventory accuracy on customer experience in this insightful video by Datasan. In an industry obsessed with enhancing customer satisfaction, inventory accuracy issues pose significant challenges for retailers striving to deliver the best possible experience.

Datasan delves into the connection between inventory accuracy and customer experience. Explore how a simple inventory discrepancy, such as not having the exact shirt a customer ordered, can quickly escalate into a major problem which can tarnishes the customer’s perception of the brand. Understand the elevated importance of inventory accuracy in today’s customer-centric retail landscape.

Datascan has solutions that mitigate inventory challenges. Explore the concept of buffer stock, where retailers increase the quantity of inventory stored in anticipation of potential inaccuracies. Datascan’s President and CEO, Adrian Thomas, discusses the trade-offs involved, including the higher cost of carrying more inventory in-store.

Gain valuable insights into the options available for retailers, whether it’s performing more frequent inventory counts or reevaluating inventory management practices in the supply chain.

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