Empowering Women with Former Ambassador Lisa Gable: Why Individual Actions Have the Power to Change the World

May 14, 2024
Ron Stefanski


As global challenges grow increasingly complex, the importance of individual action and the ripple effect it creates in the world has never been more critical. Former ambassador Lisa Gable explores this theme in a powerful conversation on the latest episode of DisruptED. Amidst ongoing global disruptions from technology and geopolitical tensions, the conversation delves into how personal initiatives and leadership can shape the future.

Why does individual effort matter in a world dominated by large-scale challenges and collective action?

This episode of DisruptED, hosted by Ron J Stefanski and guest host Ashley Williams, features former ambassador Lisa Gable, who has harnessed her extensive experience in global diplomacy and strategic leadership to make substantial contributions to women’s empowerment and technological advancements worldwide.

Highlights of the Discussion:
Empowering Women: Gable discusses her efforts in supporting women’s integration into traditionally male-dominated fields like the military and tech, emphasizing the strategic importance of continuous skill development.
The Importance of Mentorship: Gable highlights how seasoned leaders can facilitate the next generation’s success by sharing knowledge and opening doors, which is crucial for overcoming persistent barriers in many professional fields.
Innovative Approaches to Re-skilling: A focus on Gable’s current projects that involve re-skilling women affected by career breaks, using advanced technologies like AI to reintegrate them into the workforce effectively.

Lisa Gable has served three U.S. Presidents and held the role of U.S. Ambassador. She’s a distinguished fellow at the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity and the best-selling author of Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South. Her career began at 19 in the Reagan White House, leading to significant roles in defense and diplomacy, impacting global policies on women’s roles in the military and beyond.

Article written by MarketScale.

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