Genesys Aerosystems Unveils Cutting-Edge HeliSAS and Avionics Solutions for Enhanced Helicopter Safety and Control

June 17, 2023
irfan ullah

In the realm of aviation, Genesys Aerosystems remains a trailblazer with its latest lineup of innovative offerings. One of the standout advancements is the Heli-SAS (Helicopter Stability Augmentation System) autopilot, a comprehensive attitude control system that prioritizes safety, stability, and workload reduction across all helicopter ranges.

Genesys Aerosystems continues to push the boundaries of the IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Heli-SAS system by introducing a fourth axis. This exciting enhancement brings improved lateral and vertical functionality, including hoverhold, collective control features, and course intercept capabilities, previously only seen in military and transport helicopters. With the fourth axis, the lightweight system offers life-saving stability augmentation alongside existing pitch, roll, and yaw controls.

Another remarkable addition to Genesys Aerosystems’ portfolio is the Genesis Control Panel (GCP). Designed to seamlessly interface with their digital radios and navigation systems, the GCP is a Zeus-mounted display that provides intuitive radio controls while simultaneously presenting active and standby frequencies. Additionally, it facilitates volume and squelch control and displays navigation station identifiers. The GCP introduces enhanced configuration flexibility, empowering aircraft owners seeking to upgrade their avionics.

In a major milestone, Genesys Aerosystems proudly announces the supplemental type certificate of the Digital STEC 5000 three-axis autopilot for the Cessna Citation S550 and S560 models, including the V Ultra and Encore variants. Offering a fully-featured digital flight control system, the STEC 5000 revolutionizes every phase of flight for high-performance light jets and turboprop aircraft, making operations easier, safer, and more reliable. With a competitive price tag of $64,995, the STEC 5000 presents an affordable option for replacing outdated analog autopilots commonly found in light jets.

Tailored to diverse cockpit configurations and optimized for next-gen airspace, the Estech 5000 significantly reduces pilot workload while maximizing mission efficiency.

For further details on these exciting new products and certifications, aviation enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the official Genesys Aerosystems website or personally explore their booth at number 113. Stay informed and stay ahead as Genesys Aerosystems continues to redefine avionics with their cutting-edge solutions.

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