AEA Presentation 2021

June 17, 2023
irfan ullah

In a recent demonstration, Al Gialousis, Field Engineer for Genesys Aerosystems, unveiled the latest updates to their software and hardware offerings. The demonstration covered a range of topics including pricing, scheduling, order and upgrade processes, aircraft documentation, and software improvements.

The software release, version 1.4, addressed several bugs and introduced product improvements. Notably, it added VNav functionality and made the vertical speed mode engagement more intuitive. A significant improvement was made to address GPS flight plan interference with VELOC tracking. The update also enhanced compatibility with Aspen Max, eliminating the need for an additional air data computer.

Simultaneously, new hardware was introduced, featuring an improved display with enhanced visibility and additional modes. However, the hardware update requires specific GTN Navigators and TXI displays for compatibility. The introduction of VNav functionality will further expand the available hardware options.

Customers can choose between software-only updates or opt for the new display, with pricing considerations varying depending on the chosen options. Genesys Aerosystems will provide electronic copies of the updated documentation, and customers can request a bound hard copy of the pilot guide for an additional fee.

Overall, the demonstration showcased Genesys Aerosystems’ commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction through the introduction of upgraded software and hardware options.

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