German Bionic Launches Apogee Exoskeleton: A Closer Look at the Differences

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

German Bionic has recently unveiled its latest exoskeleton, the Apogee, and customers are eager to know how it compares to its predecessor, the Kray X. In a detailed comparison, the company highlights the key differentiating features between the two devices.

One notable distinction is the chest strap. While the Kray X utilizes a padded x-shaped strap adjusted with a wrenching system, the Apogee employs a more breathable mesh material with a Velcro system for adjustment. Another significant change is the battery placement. In the Kray X, the battery is positioned on top, whereas the Apogee features a more ergonomic design, relocating the battery to the waist level at the center of gravity.

The Apogee has also undergone refinements to achieve a leaner and more streamlined appearance. Automotive parts and wider dimensions have been eliminated, resulting in a slimmer profile. Additionally, enhanced handles have been incorporated to facilitate device movement and donning.

Despite these modifications, both the Kray X and the Apogee offer similar functionalities. They provide 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of weight compensation for lifting and lowering objects, static hold resistance, walking support, and connectivity to the German Bionic IO data platform.

For those interested in empowering their workforce, German Bionic’s Apogee exoskeleton is a promising solution. To learn more about the product, visit

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In addition to providing lifting support and walking assistance, German Bionic’s exoskeletons offer yet another valuable feature known as static holds. This function proves particularly useful for workers who need to maintain a bent-over position for extended periods, such as those involved in material picking, sorting tasks, or conveyor line work. The static hold feature […]