InfoComm 2023: Hall Technologies Unveils ‘Nexus Connect,’ Which Will Revolutionize and Normalize Seamless Tech Integration

June 29, 2023
irfan ullah


As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, one of the key challenges lies in creating integrated solutions that allow products to work together seamlessly. This is the challenge that Hall Technologies has set out to tackle with its innovative program, Nexus Connect. This initiative has the potential to be transformative, unifying various technologies into an interconnected ecosystem, simplifying operations and enhancing the user experience and customer support. The true strength of Nexus Connect lies in its foundation: professional expertise, an array of resources, and unrivaled customer support, elements crucial in driving success in the competitive tech landscape. In this complex web of innovation, it’s clear that cohesive and user-friendly solutions will lead the way. As we delve deeper into the potential of integrated tech ecosystems, who better to guide us than someone at the forefront of this revolution? 

Ken Eagle, the VP of Technology at Hall Technologies, elaborated on the Nexus Connect program and what exactly it does. Eagle recently introduced the program at InfoComm 2023  and described the purpose of the program. He outlined three areas which include a team of industry insiders for readily available top of the line information. He also added that there is a range of access and connections provided to the customer base, and explained the type of support they can offer. He went on to announce other avenues for support.


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