Hedera Comes to Switzerland

April 22, 2022

With technology only set to continue its lift-off, companies are beginning to see the value of going digital, securing assets via technological security, and decentralization. Most popularized in the cryptocurrency space, blockchain is branching off in new directions as firms acknowledge its multi-tiered uses. But blockchain isn’t all that’s out there.

Kamal Youseffi, President and Co-Founder of the Swiss Hashgraph Association, recognized the utility of technology and decentralization back in 2018 when he first started engaging with Hedera to “identify viable use cases, develop enterprise-grade applications, and decentralized solutions.”

Focused on emerging technologies, Youseffi said, “There was a vision of creating the Hedera Governing Council, which is basically a group of up to 39 highly diversified, globally-trusted organizations to steer the development and govern the stability of the Hedera network.”

For a public IT company in 2018, this was game-changing. The group that formed has enabled Hedera to develop the “3rd generation public ledger which combines both decentralization and governance,” said Youseffi.

Stefan Deiss, Co-Founder of the Swiss Digital Asset Institute, noted that growth in the digital environment is expanding, “we’ve seen a lot of different start-ups moving to the space of digital assets” in the last five years.

The Institute itself is “focused on enabling start-ups, enterprises, and governments to adapt and be able to compete in the era of digital assets and decentralized finance,” explained Deiss.
The Institute aims to “share that best practice” with others to “adapt and provide” solutions.
Providing “factual and technical know-how” to present viable solutions helped the Institute to custom-design the decentralized application on the Hedera network, using a three-phase approach:

1. Education; learn and discover
2. Design and Visualization; proof of concept
3. Develop and Deploy; present solution

The Swiss Hashgraph Association believes the same, “We founded the Swiss Hashgraph Association with the mission to really empower the community, promote the growth of Hedera ecosystem products, and also confirm our commitment towards enabling the build-up of our vibrant ecosystem for digi-transformations,” said Youseffi.

Work in the IT world is only set to expand, and Youseffi and Deiss are excited to see what comes next.

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