Twigital: Tokenizing 3D Digital Twins of Physical Items on Hedera

January 10, 2024
irfan ullah

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rural broadband expansion
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High-speed internet access is synonymous with economic prosperity, however, the disparity in broadband infrastructure between urban and rural communities has never been more pronounced. As the digital revolution marches on, the divide widens, leaving rural communities deep in the shadows of technological advancement. But this stark reality centers an urgent call to action, spearheaded by […]

product accreditation
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Earning program and product accreditation via the Verizon Partner Network Training platform is easy. Simply access the Degreed learning platform via our PRM Portal, and click on the learning link to access all our different pathways to earn a badge, including: FWA One Talk Advanced Communications Cyber Security NaaS Strategic Networking SD-WAN Earn program […]

cybersecurity defenses
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In an era where cyber threats loom larger and more sophisticated, the urgency to bolster national cybersecurity defenses has never been more critical. With government watchdogs highlighting gaps in performance measures and cost assessments, and recent breaches underscoring vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, the stakes are high. How can the U.S. align its cybersecurity strategies […]