What Is Your Why?

June 6, 2023



Contracts have often been overlooked as a valuable document throughout the entire transaction life cycle, despite being time-consuming and tedious. Recognizing the importance of leveraging contracts to track agreed-upon elements from purchase to payment and maintaining strong partnerships with their partners. By gaining insights into what was agreed upon and how it was delivered, both parties can effectively manage long-term expectations and strengthen their relationships.

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For legal department operations professionals embarking on their journey of collecting contract data and improving business through contract data, it’s important to approach it with a crawl-walk-run mentality. In the crawl phase, focus on establishing a baseline landscape of contracting activity by analyzing contract volumes, types of templates used, business units involved, and […]

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Technology serves as a producer of data, and data plays a crucial role in driving change, whether it’s operational or behavioral. To achieve operational improvements, it’s essential to assess how technology adoption is enhancing efficiency. On the other hand, driving behavioral change requires leveraging data to demonstrate the value derived from implementing effective […]

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The introduction of new technologies with the potential to transform work processes and business transactions always garners significant investment and interest from various stakeholders, including CIOs, CTOs, sales teams, procurement departments, and the overall business.