Collaboration Today and Tomorrow: Jabra’s Olly Henderson on the Hybrid-Work Revolution

October 1, 2022
irfan ullah


In this video, Olly Henderson, Head of Technical Solutions at Jabra, joins Dan Ferrisi, the editor-in-chief of Commercial Integrator, for an engaging discussion on the evolving landscape of hybrid work and the “return to the office” trend in 2023. Henderson shares invaluable insights from Jabra’s top clients, highlighting the transformation happening in office spaces. Offices are transitioning into focused areas of collaboration, with smaller meeting rooms gaining popularity to facilitate a more interactive and collaborative environment. Clients are particularly impressed with Jabra’s Panacast 50 device, which offers immersive views and dynamic composition, enhancing the collaborative experience.

Henderson stresses the significance of high-quality audio and video technology for remote workers. Jabra’s top-class headsets and the Panacast 20, a 4K HD webcam, elevate the remote work experience by delivering superior audio and video performance. They discuss the importance of in-person interactions and casual conversations in the office that cannot be replicated remotely. To ensure equitable collaboration, Jabra’s technology, including dynamic composition, caters to primarily remote workers. The video further explores Jabra’s collaborations with industry partners like Microsoft and Zoom to develop innovative video modes and room layouts, optimizing collaboration possibilities.

Jabra is at the forefront of assisting organizations in navigating the paradigm shift towards hybrid work. Jabra focuses on creating collaborative and equitable environments through technological advancements and workspace adaptations. Through cutting-edge solutions, Jabra empowers organizations to embrace the evolving dynamics of work and leverage the best of both in-person and remote collaboration.

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