Just Thinking… Standard Vs Expectation with Dr Q

July 2, 2024
Kevin Dougherty


In an educational landscape marked by constant change and the ongoing challenge of adapting to new learning environments, the question of maintaining standards versus managing expectations remains pivotal. This discussion gains urgency as schools strive to balance traditional educational standards with the evolving needs of both students and educators. So, this begs the question: What does it really mean to set and uphold standards in education, and how do these standards influence expectations? This core issue serves as the backbone for today’s episode of Just Thinking.

Join host Kevin Dougherty, Chief Strategy Officer at 806 Technologies, and his guest, Dr. Quentin Woods, Lead Consultant at Dr Q Consulting, as they delve into the complex relationship between standards and expectations in education. In this episode of Just Thinking, the duo will cover Dr. Q’s journey from educator to consultant, his approach to helping educators, and the impact of clear standards on educational outcomes.

Key Points of Discussion:
– The transition from being an educator to a consultant and the challenges and rewards it entails.
– Practical strategies for educators to improve classroom management and instructional delivery.
– The importance of setting clear standards and expectations and the consequences of failing to uphold them.

Dr. Quentin Woods, also known as Dr. Q, is a seasoned educator with 27 years of experience across various roles, from classroom teaching to school administration. He now leads Dr Q Consulting, where he aids struggling educators and administrators in enhancing their effectiveness. Dr. Q’s work is informed by his own experiences as a struggling teacher who transformed his approach after a pivotal learning moment.

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