Importance of Badging and Credentials for Learners

June 5, 2023

Microcredentialing, also known as badging, is a method to recognize learners for demonstrating competency-based learning. Learners complete tasks or activities that showcase their acquired skills, which are then reviewed by experts in the field. Upon successful review, learners are rewarded with a microcredential or badge that can be shared and displayed on platforms like LinkedIn or resumes. Microcredentials are smaller in scope compared to long-form certificates or degrees and allow learners to showcase their specific skills and competencies for career advancement or new job opportunities. Michigan Virtual has partnered with various organizations to offer microcredentials through their professional learning platform, allowing learners to participate in task-based learning, demonstrate their skills, and earn recognized badges. The ability to engage in competency-based learning and receive recognition for it helps learners stay relevant in their field and demonstrate ongoing professional growth to employers. This shift towards microcredentials acknowledges the changing skill requirements in industries over time and provides a quick and easily verifiable way for employers to assess a candidate’s skill set for success in the job market.

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