How to Properly Install LED Displays: A View From The Top

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah


On this episode of A View From The Top by Nanolumens, Host Brandy Alvarado-Miranda talked with Mark Delguidice, Western Business Development Director at Atlantis Partners, which delivers expert AV, video conferencing, and structured cabling manpower to the nation’s leading system integrators and IT providers. They discussed the proper ways to install an LED display.

NanoLumens is known for simplified, direct view LED displays, and Atlantis Partners helps with the installations. But, there is important information to learn and pitfalls to avoid. Delguidice often turns to his friends in the industry who have completed extensive installations.

“One of the main things that have to be taken into consideration with a proper LED install is structure,” Delguidice explained, who has worked in the AV industry for over 32 years, holding positions from a technician to a current executive, “and if the structures are proper and going to be able to hold the weight safely and according to local codes.”

According to Delguidice, People often underestimate if a structure can hold the weight. High-quality LED walls are built much more durable and solid than an average T.V. from a box store. While the weight-holding capabilities of the structure are important, it’s essential to take a look under the surface.

“Then you get into the installation of the wall itself and how it aligns,” Delguidice said. “Technicians have many tricks up their sleeve to make sure the walls are aligned properly and balanced out correctly.”

Listen to hear more “tricks” on how to install a LED Display properly.


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