The Intersection of Storytelling and Technology: A View From The Top

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah


Storytelling connects the parts of people that other communications don’t typically reach. The way we engage, excite, and educate people about technology is to make it meaningful for them. People can see the impact of your technology and make a decision or take an action in response to the story.

In this episode of A View From The Top by NanoLumens, Host Brandy Alvarado-Miranda talked with Yiannis Cabolis, Director of Technology Innovation at Electrosonic, about the intersection of storytelling and technology.

With over 15 years under his belt, Cabolis has filled many different roles at Electrosonic. In his current role, he connects the dots between various aspects of technology the company uses from their vendors. He also focuses on things they can produce as part of their innovation initiatives.

When it comes to innovative and disruptive technology trends, Electrosonic keeps its ear to the ground, particularly in the immersive and experiential spaces. There is quite a bit going on in the space, according to Cabolis.

“Ideally, what we’re trying to do, in terms of disruptive technologies, is to look at ways where the environment can be as aware as possible, of itself and the viewer,” Cabolis explained, “a person we’re trying to connect, provide that storytelling and entertain.”

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