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September 14, 2021



Welcome Centers deliver an authentic spirit of place, connect travelers to local resources, and monetize experiences and the data they create. Information booths’ commercial grade design supports highly durable public deployments. Interactive technology provides immediate traveler assistance.

Parabit has designed, manufactured, installed, and currently provides monitoring and content updating services for 24 Welcome Centers and 400+ screens within the Port Authority of NY & NJ including JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and Stewart Airports.

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Despite its many conveniences, the digital era has its dark side: cybersecurity threats. As technology evolves, so do the ways in which criminals exploit it. Card skimming in particular has seen a concerning uptick recently. According to FICO data, the number of compromised cards increased by 10Xs in 2023 than in 2022. The target?…

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Designed in collaboration with CBP, Parabit FIS Podiums are intelligently designed to support touchless passenger processing and efficiently accommodate change over time – technology upgrades, the way passengers are processed, and the way people flow is managed.

surveillance camera housings
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In response to a 19% increase in robberies and theft in cities, as reported by the Council on Criminal Justice, Parabit introduced its state-of-the-art surveillance camera housings. These housings, compatible with all modular cameras, optimize HD camera positioning, ensuring effective facial image capture to aid law enforcement investigations. From BR glass housings for bullet-resistant…