Freeform X: The Compact, 5-Axis Machine Revolutionizing Optical Component Manufacturing

June 13, 2023
irfan ullah

The Freeform X, a cutting-edge product from Precitech, represents a significant breakthrough in the field of optical component manufacturing. Designed as a compact, 5-axis, single-point diamond turning machine, the Freeform X is an instrumental response to the industry’s need for crafting complex optical components, integral for products like reality-based headwear and next-generation mobile devices.

The Freeform X’s unique capabilities, including five operational axes, enable an unprecedented level of machining flexibility. It offers 220 millimeters of Z travel, 200 millimeters of X-axis travel, and 100 millimeters of Y travel. The machine’s smaller structural loop, coupled with the integrated and optimized TMC vibration isolation, provides superb stiffness and stability. This setup ensures the manufacturing of optics with exceptional surface form, finish, and waviness.

Despite its extensive capabilities, the Freeform X is remarkably compact, occupying less than 2 square meters. This compact footprint provides customers with a potent machine that minimizes the use of valuable production floor space.

Integrated with Precitech’s proprietary Fast Tool Servo (FTS) – the FTS 5000, and the feature-rich Fastcom software, the Freeform X can increase productivity by up to 15 times faster than standard XZC turning. Moreover, a new feature in Fastcom software, our proprietary predictive, adaptive control algorithm, ensures minimal cutting runs, leading to significant time savings in the production of precision optics.

The Freeform X is the culmination of a unique set of features designed to craft the ideal diamond turning instrument to meet the most demanding applications of today’s optics industry.

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