FTSE 5,000 Sets New Standards in Rapid and Accurate Production of Complex Freeform Surfaces

June 13, 2023
irfan ullah

Precitech’s Fast Tool Servo (FTS) 5,000 emerges as an indispensable asset for advancing the production of complex freeform surfaces. With a maximum acceleration of 40 Gs and an ability to continuously follow a 25g path, this innovative tool serves as a keystone in rapid and precise part production, translating into significant time and cost benefits for users.

The FTSE 5,000’s design combines linear actuation and feedback mechanisms, delivering outstanding linearity in operations. The voice coil-driven actuator provides proportional force output for specific input current, while a glass scale encoder feedback mechanism ensures accurate positioning.

Embracing digital capabilities, FTSE 5,000 opens up new possibilities in remote diagnostics, enabling adjustments in gain values and feed rates, or the analysis of cutting data to optimize the manufacturing process. This technology, as a part of the broader digital transformation, underpins the ability to create superior products.

The FTSE 5,000’s “zero penalty free form” capability empowers the creation of complex freeform surfaces with exceptional form error and comparable cycle times to traditional aspheric machining. This feature is pivotal in producing intricate freeform optics, such as those used in augmented and mixed reality goggles.

Precitech’s FTS 5,000, in combination with high-performance metrology from sister companies Taylor Hobson and Zygo, offers comprehensive solutions in the realm of precision manufacturing. It addresses a wide range of performance requirements across spatial frequencies and waviness specifications, bolstering the reliability of the resulting products.

As a thought leader in precision machining, Precitech’s FTSE 5,000 exemplifies the potential of emerging technology to meet evolving market needs, especially in the realm of high-precision optical components. The continuous innovation and customer-centric approach that Precitech embodies underscore the company’s commitment to shaping the future of precision manufacturing.

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