Breaking Barriers: Raegan Thompson Talks Diversity and Inclusion in the Pro AV Industry

March 14, 2024

The Pro AV industry is known for its constant evolution, with fresh talent continually reshaping market trends, buying patterns, and marketing strategies. As new generations enter the workforce, their unique perspectives and backgrounds play a pivotal role in driving innovation and inclusivity.

On Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas sits down with Raegan Thompson of American Music & Sound, one of the industry’s newest members, to explore her journey, the influence of her background on her current role, and her observations on diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

This episode covers:

– Raegan’s transition from the marketing and music industries to Pro AV, highlighting the valuable perspectives and skills she brings to her role at American Music & Sound.

– The importance of mentorship and support from organizations like WAVIT, fostering diversity and providing guidance for newcomers, especially women, in navigating the industry.

– Challenges and opportunities faced by new entrants in a traditionally male-dominated field, with a focus on the need for inclusivity and recognizing the potential of fresh perspectives to drive innovation.

Raegan’s background is a testament to the diverse pathways that lead to the Pro AV industry. With experience in marketing, public relations, and the music industry, her journey underscores the importance of creativity, storytelling, and adaptability. Thompson’s role at American Music & Sound, coupled with her mentorship experiences through WAVIT, showcases her commitment to learning and contributing to the industry’s growth while advocating for greater diversity and inclusivity.

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