How Sensory Design Plays a Vital Role in Reshaping the Retail Experiences of Today

June 27, 2023
Melissa Gonzalez


Sensory design is an emerging marker of today’s retail experience. The digital age continues to transform the retail industry, and the advent of Sensory Enabling Technologies (SETs) is revolutionizing how consumers interact with brands online, creating immersive, multisensory customer experiences that were once only possible in physical stores. According to a study by McKinsey, 74% of U.S. retailers could increase their revenue by focusing on their e-commerce content. With global e-commerce sales trending towards $7.5 trillion by 2026, brands must raise the stakes to translate the sensory richness of in-store experiences to the digital realm.

But how can brands effectively stimulate all consumer senses online? How can they create a harmonious, immersive, and memorable experience that engages customers and builds brand loyalty?

Retail Refined heightened its senses at the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE) 2023 in Chicago. Host Melissa Gonzalez got an inside look into the fascinating world of sensory design with Ari Peralta, a leading innovator in this field and Director at Arigami UK. Their discussion, taped at RICE 2023, focused on the relevance of sensory design in today’s retail experience, exploring how brands can leverage technology to create multisensory online experiences that resonate with consumers.

Key points of their conversation include:

  • The concept of sensory design and its importance in creating harmonious and engaging brand experiences
  • The evolution of marketing in retail design, moving from campaigns to building outcomes and relationships
  • The concept of sensorial personas and how it translates to design

Ari Peralta is a world-renowned innovator in sensory design and applied neuroscience. Recognized by Forbes as one of the top 10 wellness creatives globally, Ari has led innovative multisensory solutions for brands ranging from Marriott to Nissan. His work at Arigami and mycoocoon focuses on using the senses to enrich experiences and promote self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and quality of life in various sectors, including hospitality, retail, healthcare, and automotive. Ari’s innovative sensory delivery systems and evidence-based design strategies have created successful multisensory art installations such as “Creative Aura” for Kimball International and “Dream Drive” for Nissan.

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