Innovation Through AI is Helping Major Shifts in the Retail Landscape

September 19, 2023
Melissa Gonzalez

The retail landscape is not just shifting—it’s making monumental changes at an astonishing rate, thanks to advances in technology like artificial intelligence, better known as AI. Companies like Meta are at the forefront of this change, driving innovation through AI, mobile optimization, and an ever-evolving array of social platforms. For retail brands, adapting to this new landscape means embracing AI’s optimization potential in real-time, particularly in performance marketing. This leaves the critical question: How do businesses combine human ingenuity with AI to meet the demands of increasingly savvy consumers? 

Elaborating more on the intricate balance between tech and touch, is Karin Tracy, Head of Industry, Retail, Fashion, and Luxury at Meta. She has eight years of experience in pioneering digital strategies for major brands. Tracy recently spoke on an episode of Retail Refined with host Melissa Gonzalez, at the Retail Influencer CEO Forum 2023 on the efforts to drive innovation through AI.

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