Chubbies Shorts Seeks to Capitalize on the Latest Retail Trends and Innovations

June 23, 2023
Melissa Gonzalez


RICE 2023 (the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo) brought out all the latest trends and innovations for retailers to experience. Halfway through 2023, the retail industry is clearly emerging from a pandemic. The sector faced everything the pandemic could throw at it, supply chain issues, inflation, economic uncertainty, and geopolitical factors. However, consumers are still buying, and that customer shopping journey is more relevant than ever.

Retailers are adjusting to a new normal where a seamless experience and hybrid shopping are shaping the future of retail. According to Forbes, the five biggest retail trends that will impact the industry in 2023 include retail media networks, social media sentiment monitoring, hybrid shopping and seamless shopper journey, store design shifts and mixed-use spaces, and consumerism curtailment.

How are these trends shaping the retail industry, and what does it mean for retailers and consumers? How are brands like Chubbies Shorts adapting to these changes?

Retail Refined’s Melissa Gonzalez set up shop at RICE 2023, and got to speak with brands and retailers on these trends and how they plan to make an impact. Kit Garton, Vice President of Product at Chubbies Shorts, stopped by for a conversation and let Gonzalez in on how Chubbies is navigating these changes and the strategies they’re implementing to stay ahead.

The main points of their conversation include:

  • The impact of Gen Z and Gen Alpha on consumerism and how brands can cater to these digitally native generations
  • The integration of digital and physical retail experiences, including the use of QR codes and social media
  • The shift in-store design and merchandising strategy to create engaging in-store experiences

Kit Garton is a seasoned retail professional with a decade of experience at Chubbies. As the Vice President of Product, she leads all merchandising and design efforts and oversees digital product, e-commerce platforms, and customer experience. She has been instrumental in driving growth in direct channels and pioneering Chubbies’ most significant promotions and campaigns. Before joining Chubbies, Kit worked at Current Global, an international communications agency specializing in consumer goods. She holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University.

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